About artificial intelligence and the integration of digital replica technologies able to customize news feeds for each consumer. And the ability of newest technology to mimic face and voices and people... to further political agendas. This is the future. The things I talk about here are actually being unveiled in the world now. 

MY MUSIC: This ambient instrumental track that is a favorite of mine, and was essentially written, performed, recorded and produced in approx 3 hrs. I originally intended to later "fix" and re-record guitars, but the music, as it is, has grown me. Imperfections and all.

Voice, words, guitar and musical performances, song and audio production by Daniel Christopherson. ...... Whether we choose to think about it or not, we are going to arrive in the future. Several years ago, this was my first published video, and it went viral! I recently even learned that a local school was playing the LOVE IS WHO WE ARE in classrooms!

Interview recorded during Nimo Patels's "Empty Hands" world tour. The hip hop artist spent 5 years at the Mahatma Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and has done humanitarian work in the slums of India. Visit EmptyHandsMusic.com for a free download of Nimo Patel's "Empty Hands" CD!

AI Driven Mainstream Media Part 2 January 24, 2018 by Daniel Christopherson danielchristopherson.com

Improvised talk about my favorite subject: creative process. I believe each of us possesses inherent abilities on par with Mahatma Gandhi and Leonardo da Vinci.

MY MUSIC: 18 minutes of music I created in my studio, Purple Treehouse Recording in Seattle. I composed and produced these songs, and played guitar tracks.  performed guitar tracks.

Words, song, narration, singing, musical performances and audio-video production by Daniel Christopherson. LOVE IS WHO WE ARE (https://www.youtube.com Shortly after LOVE IS WHO WE ARE went viral, I produced this spoken word video which also features my original music. This is based on deeper spiritual concepts, but I still like it!/watch?v=y8uvdASM6LY) is Daniel's first video release.

A miracle-producing teaching model being adopted by school districts! In a high school of 3000 students, Karen Clayton was given a class of 15 behaviorally challenged students-- each student had been judged by education professionals to be too disruptive to participate in a normal class setting.