After nearly 15-years in all aspects of the music business, I have become pretty on-guard when it comes to the promises of others. Daniel Christopherson’s help with songwriting and production has been a Godsend! He can listen to a song once, and immediately know six ways we can take it to the next level.
— LYNN MAAS, Singer, Guitarist and Songwriter ("Wingless Angel" CD at iTunes)
In a very short time, Daniel managed to tap into, enhance and develop the roots of my efforts into something so real and industry-ready. I am totally, incredibly blown away!
— ELLE SCOTT, Singer Songwriter ("Stories From The Treehouse" songs at iTunes)
Working with Daniel has changed my life! He drew forth my wisdom, talents and gifts then put them together with beautiful video and audio so that they are exquisitely being shared with the world. Co-creating with Daniel has not only helped me get my message out there, it has also helped me grow as a teacher, writer and entrepreneur. He has taught me to bring creativity to the places I saw only limits and dead ends before.
— Micki O'BRIEN, M.A. Founder of Aligned Education Co-founder of AutismPalooza Featured in Daniel's Documentary "Autism, Love and Learning"
Daniel, I absolutely love the song you custom-wrote for me. It is simply too beautiful for words! Thank you a million times over for all of the heart and soul you so willingly poured into my song.
— PETRA TILOTTA, Singer and Songwriter, KOMO TV Talent Search Winner
Daniel is a great coach! If anyone, were asking me for a recommendation for a producer, I would absolutely gush on and on about my wonderful experience with Daniel Christopherson and how they are going to have a blast! Their music will be superb and their world will be awesomely rocked!
— LAURIE SOLHEIM, Singer Songwriter ("Offerings" CD at
Daniel spent some time with me between CD projects. It was a great learning experience to watch a producer with so much musical intuition and experience re-write, arrange and record. Daniel created shocking results while I watched. It was so enlightening that I wish I had a video of the sessions so I could go back over the various pearls of wisdom!
— MITCH AVERY, Singer/Songwriter/Multi-instrumentalist, Avery Mitchell Band